Jurassic Park: the trick to attract flies to the poop of the Triceratops

29 years after its release, we never tire of seeing “Jurassic Park”, which has absolutely not aged. Among the little secrets surrounding its design is the creation of the mountain of fecal matter of the triceratops at the beginning of the film…

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We will never tire of seeing and seeing again the seminal film of the Jurassic Park franchise, which marked the history of cinema. Among the memorable scenes enameling the nugget signed Steven Spielberg figure prominently that of the discovery of the sick Triceratops by the scientific couple, Allan Grant and Ellie, who do not believe their eyes.

Before the latter explains that she must study the droppings of the dinosaur to better understand what this poor beast is suffering from, and later plunging her hand into it. Hence a cult punchline by Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) literally discovering a mountain of fecal matter: “It’s really a big pile of shit!”

Memory sequence…

How to create this mountain of fecal matter precisely? It is actually a mixture of clay, mud and straw to give the desired consistency and color. Then the production poured a mixture of honey and papaya on it to attract swarms of flies. A bit of the icing on the cake, if one dares to say. But at least the film crew was spared the smell, that’s already it.

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