Jürgen Tarrach: The actor is happy that he doesn't have to party big

For Jürgen Tarrach, it is not bad that he cannot celebrate his 60th birthday in December because of the coronavirus pandemic.

For Jürgen Tarrach (59, "Fortunately sad") it is "no break at all" that there will be no big party for his 60th birthday on December 17th because of the corona restrictions, like the actor from the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" "(NOZ) said. He is even happy "that I don't have to party and invite people". He will celebrate the family birthday very small "and open a nice bottle with the children and my mother-in-law. That doesn't make me melancholy at all, rather the fact that I'll be 60 at all," he explained.

Tarrach also revealed that he wanted to part with his holiday home near San Remo in Italy: "We are now on the verge of selling the house because it has survived a bit and there is a lot of work to do with it. Me I now spend two months filming in Portugal every year, then I have a super apartment in Lisbon, and we also have a beautiful house in Potsdam with a large garden that is almost a botanical garden. "

New case from Lisbon

Jürgen Tarrach has been in front of the camera for the ARD series "The Lisbon Crime" since 2016, in which he plays the main male role as lawyer Eduardo Silva. Next Thursday, the first (8:15 pm) will show the case "condemned to silence". In it, defense lawyer Silva and his assistant Marcia Amaya, played by Vidina Popov (28), have to clarify the death of a boy. At the center of the investigation is a young clergyman whom they have to defend.