Justice examines Macron’s orders to McKinsey

The judiciary is investigating whether French President Emmanuel Macron did not properly declare McKinsey services. There is also an allegation that Macron favored the consulting firm.

The French judiciary is investigating President Emmanuel Macron.

Imago/Alexis Sciard

(dpa) France’s judiciary has launched investigations into President Emmanuel Macron’s 2017 and 2022 election campaigns. As the financial prosecutor’s office in Paris announced on Thursday, the question is whether Macron has illegally benefited from the services of the American consulting firm McKinsey, against which tax investigations have been underway in France since spring. Investigated because of the allegation of incorrect management of election campaign accounts and the allegation of favoritism and aid to favoritism. The financial prosecutor’s office thus confirmed a report by the newspaper “Le Parisien” on Thursday.

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