Justin Bieber: Bulk buy in marijuana store for $ 1,000

Justin Bieber
Bulk buy in marijuana store for $ 1,000

Justin Bieber 2020 in Los Angeles

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Justin Bieber stocked up on $ 1,000 worth of marijuana in California.

Justin Bieber hit a cannabis store in Los Angeles on Tuesday: As reported by “Page Six”, the singer has purchased $ 1,000 worth of products, including marijuana-infused edibles and a sample of every type of weed Wonderbrett has in its range.

“He was there for 20 minutes, spent over $ 1,000, was very personable and asked a lot of questions,” said the co-founder of the store. “He was very interested in cannabis and its benefits.” In California, the US state of marijuana is legal to sell without medical justification.

In 2020, Bieber spoke of addiction

Bieber had already reported on his drug use in his documentary series “Seasons”. In it he told how he had smoked weed the first time and that over time he developed an ambivalent relationship with the drug. “And then I got really addicted to it, and that’s when I realized I had to quit,” he said on the show.