Justin Bieber: He’s now selling marijuana – but legally

Justin Bieber
He’s now selling marijuana – but quite legally

Justin Bieber joints are now available for purchase in California.

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Justin Bieber has partnered with a cannabis producer to combat prejudice against smoking joints.

Justin Bieber, 27, has found a new source of business: marijuana. The singer is now legally trading cannabis products with the help of a Californian company called Palms Premium.

So there is now a package from Justin Bieber with seven pre-rolled joints called “Peaches Pre-Rolls” in their product range. “Peaches” is also the name of Bieber’s latest hit, in the chorus of which the musician sings, among other things, “I get my weed from California”.

Breaking prejudice against cannabis

The limited edition is only supposed to be the beginning of the collaboration between Bieber and Palms Premium. In a statement, Bieber said he also wanted to eliminate prejudice against cannabis and help young people with mental health problems.

“Weed was something I felt like people wanted to make me feel guilty about when I enjoyed it,” said Bieber of “Vogue”. But he found a place in his life where cannabis products would bring him beneficial experiences. “I’m just excited to help de-stigmatize weed.”

Bieber therefore also uses the project to support non-profit organizations that work with cannabis or advocate reform of the criminal justice system in relation to cannabis.

In good company with Nicole Kidman and Snoop Dogg

Bieber is by no means the first celebrity to sell their own cannabis products or to partner with cannabis producers. Snoop Dogg (49), Nicole Kidman (54), Martha Stewart (80) and Jay-Z (51) have already gone this way. Marijuana use is legal in many US states.


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