Justin Murisier celebrates his birthday – “Often thousands sing Happy Birthday to me at the finish”


Justin Murisier will be 30 years old on race day in Adelboden. The races in Adelboden are always special for him.

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Justin Murisier has a good laugh at the moment. He is fit and keeps getting good results.


At the weekend he will celebrate his 30th birthday at the race in Adelboden.

At the weekend he will celebrate his 30th birthday at the race in Adelboden.


The fans' birthday serenade is something very special, said Murisier.

The fans’ birthday serenade is something very special, said Murisier.


  • Justin Murisier made his World Cup debut in Adelboden more than ten years ago.

  • He will also be 30 years old on race day.

  • The vocal performances of the fans are especially great for Murisier.

The race in Adelboden is something very special for Justin Murisier. The Swiss skier, who has struggled with many injuries in his career, celebrated his World Cup premiere at Chuenisbärgli twelve years ago. But that wasn’t it yet. The race always takes place on his birthday weekend.

This year Murisier even celebrates his 30th birthday on Saturday, race day. He does not yet know how many members of his family and friends are there, but he does speak of a large number, as he says when asked from 20 Minuten: “Maybe 200, more or less.” What is special for him is the Geburi serenade that the fans sing for him: “Often thousands of people sing Happy Birthday to me at the finish line. Not everyone can experience that. “

“Must give 120 percent”

This season Murisier has not yet made it onto the podium. In the giant standings he is still in the top 7. This is due to constant performance in the races. So far it has increased steadily. Places 12, 9, 7 and 6 are reserved for him – in that order. Maybe he’ll make it onto the podium in the race in Adelboden. However, not an easy task, according to Murisier: «I.I have to thezsince zu drive 120 percent, to get on the podium come. At 120 percent it can but always something happen.“His trips to Adelboden last year would have brought him a lot. «I understood how to drive in Adelboden. I hope that can help me to be at the forefront this year, maybe even on the podium. “

This season Murisier, who came into the World Cup as a slalom driver, also regularly tries his hand at the speed disciplines. In the Super-G at Beaver Creek, he finished in eighth place. In the downhill, on the other hand, he has not yet been able to classify himself in the top 30 with high starting numbers. Murisier, who has already had four knee operations, cannot simply complete every training session and race. «I have to control it a little, but I feel very good at the moment. My body has never influenced the racing results. ” Nice to hear with his injury history.

Murisier wants to compete for medals at the Olympic Games in Beijing. “When you take part in the games, you want to win a medal,” said the 30-year-old. Of course, he sees the greatest chance in the giant slalom, even if he says: “A Super-G could also suit me, of course it depends on the terrain.” However, he also adds: Other Swiss have already achieved good results in this discipline. Indeed: With Marco Odermatt, Beat Feuz, Stefan Rogentin and Gino Caviezel, four athletes are ahead of Murisier in the discipline ranking.

Hans Pieren, the long-time Adelboden race director, who will be in his position at Chuenisbärgli for the last time this year, tested positive for Corona on Thursday. He shows no symptoms, but still has to withdraw from the event. Its adoption has been postponed for a year. Pieren is represented by Reto Däpp, assistant to the race director. “The piste is in excellent condition and my successor, together with piste manager Toni Hari, Stefan von Känel and the entire piste team, is ensuring a super spectacular race,” says Hans Pieren.

Marco Odermatt, Loïc Meillard, Justin Murisier, Gino Caviezel, Daniele Sette, Cédric Noger, Thomas Tumler, Marco Reymond

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