Justine (Love is in the meadow) interested? Another candidate doesn’t mince her words

The hasty move of Justine, candidate for the new season of “L’amour est dans le pré”, to Patrice’s house continues to cause ink to flow. This time, it was another contender from the M6 ​​program who pointed the finger at Véronique’s former rival.

Boxes placed a little too early? After the departure of Véronique, who finally found love in the arms of Charles, a farmer who hadn’t really had any luck when opening the letters for this new season ofLove is in the meadow, Justine shifted into second gear with Patrice. As a reminder, a few weeks ago, M6 viewers discovered the portrait of this touching 39-year-old Norman breeder and mixed farmer. suffering from hemiplegiaa physical handicap that he described in his portrait: “ I was born with a deformity in my right hand. The right leg is a little shorter than the left. I limp a little when I walk.” Since then, he has found the right match in the person of Justine, a young woman considered a little too authoritarian by certain viewers and even by the program’s conductor, Karine Le Marchand.

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After a stay on the farm, and a somewhat awkward first kiss facing the sea, Justine quickly moved in with her other half… A move that went smoothly, the bubbly blonde not hesitating to give orders to Patrice’s loved ones, without really taking a pinch of salt. During a well-deserved break during this day full of emotions, Justine did not hesitate to reframe the mother of her beloved farmer somewhat by throwing a little barb at her: “Now, the lady of the house is no longer Maryvonne. It’s me, here.” A behavior which did not fail to provoke a reaction Jean-Paul’s suitor,Maria. Answering questions from admirers on TikTok, Christelle’s former rival defended herself from any resemblance to Justine:“Oh hey, ‘the second Justine lol’. Oh no, not the second one. Think a bit. Come on, take a moment to think. Have you thought about it? The second… no, half! Half, 58 kilos”, she said at first, scathingly.

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“Sell the house, keep the money”

Just like the host Valérie Damidot, Maria therefore deplored Justine’s attitude InLove is in the meadow. The sixty-year-old, who spoke of her “poverty retreat”, subsequently denied wanting to attack Jean-Paul’s wallet, once again denigrating Justine with lots of innuendo: “I thank you for your comment. You know, I take everything, the good and the bad. So you are one of the bad guys. So I’m half of it, actually. I’m going to arrive with 15 boxes of teddy bears, I’m going to sell my house, keep the money, and go to his house… No, but frankly, you don’t even know me and you judge me…” To the wise?


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