Jutta Speidel: She is on good terms with her ex-husband

Jutta Speidel
She maintains a friendly relationship with her ex-husband

Jutta Speidel broke up with her ex-partners in peace.

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Jutta Speidel talked about her "three great loves" in life. She can still rely on her ex-husband one hundred percent today.

Actress Jutta Speidel (66, "Club of Lonely Hearts") spoke in the "pleasure podcast" by celebrity chef Johann Lafer (63) about her three life phases so far, in each of which a man was important to her.

"My first big love was Herbert Herrmann, I can put it that way", Speidel explains in the current "Genusspodcast" episode. With her fellow actor Herrmann (79) she stood in front of the camera for the ZDF series "Drei sind ein zuviel" (1977). This love lasted five years. "A few years passed and then I had a daughter, not from a great love, and got to know my husband, Stefan Feuerstein, as another great love in my life."

Ex-husband still there today

Feuerstein, with whom the actress was married until the beginning of the 90s, is the father of her two daughters. "Even if Franziska is not his biological daughter, she is accepted like his own." She and her husband had "managed well together" for ten years and she has been "happily divorced" for 26 years. "We are friends and have really managed to accompany our children to this day and talk a lot together." She knows a lot about her ex-husband, including his life after their marriage and "he also knows a lot about me. He is a person I can rely on one hundred percent, no matter what life situation and where always I am, he would come if I needed him ".

The third love is of course "the Italian by my side", Speidel explains. The relationship with Bruno Maccallini (60) has attracted a lot of public attention. "It was exotic that I have an Italian and he was a sore thumb as a 'cappuccino man'. People turned around because of him," says Speidel. Maccallini, with whom the actress was dating until 2013, appeared in various coffee advertising campaigns in the 90s. He lives in his native Italy. "It was a very, very great love. We parted in peace, we still like each other and are still in contact."

Speidel expects that from a partner

Today, the actress wants to follow a rule when it comes to relationships: "No longer inpatient, but only outpatient." Because of long-distance relationships, she has always lived alone and wants to keep it that way. And what does a perfect partner have to bring who could change their mind? "We should fit like a lid on a pot. The chemistry has to be right, you have to find yourself beautiful. I need someone with a sense of humor, great zest for life and great tolerance. It has to be an amazing package. And the absolute prerequisite: He has to let me like." I am."

Last autumn, Johann Lafer started his "pleasure podcast". Once a month he invites a prominent guest and talks to him about culinary delights and life. Previous guests were moderator Günther Jauch (64) and cook Hans Haas (63). In the next episode, actor Heino Ferch (57) will be a guest.