“Kaamelott”, a good family affair

By Robin Richardot

Posted today at 02:34

Alexandre Astier, in a Parisian hotel, June 23, 2021.

At first glance, the office of producer Agathe Sofer looks like all Haussmann offices. A long hallway with creaky parquet floors, rooms illuminated by large windows overlooking the street, ceiling moldings as in any Parisian law firm or consultancy. And then we notice the many details that make the place a mini-temple dedicated to Alexandre Astier and his major creation, Kaamelott.

A replica of Excalibur hangs from the radiator, the shelves are loaded with books, DVDs or comics related to this short program broadcast on M6 between 2005 and 2009, recounting the adventures of King Arthur and his knights – little resourceful – in the quest for the Grail. On the wall, two discs are framed. “It’s a double platinum DVD or something, hesitates the producer, who has followed Alexandre Astier for more than fifteen years. Basically, that means we sold a lot of copies. “

The wall opposite is decorated with a large panel covered with photos of the actors and actresses of the series. There are the faces known to all (Antoine de Caunes, Christian Clavier, Alain Chabat…) and those who will speak more to the unconditional ones, who will recognize, in the middle of this great trombinoscope, the Astier family.

Father of seven children including six in the casting

First of all Alexander, of course, in the role of King Arthur. The sequel requires a little concentration: there is Lionnel Astier and Joëlle Sevilla (separated parents of Alexandre in the city and in-laws of Arthur in the series), Josée Drevon (mother-in-law of Alexandre and mother of Arthur), Simon Astier (half-brother of Alexandre and brother-in-law of Arthur), Neil Astier (son of Alexandre who plays the young version of Arthur), Jeanne and Ariane Astier (daughters of Alexandre playing the children of a knight of the Round Table), without forgetting Anne-Gaëlle Daval (ex-companion of Alexandre, costume designer on the series having made a brief appearance in a secondary role).

This small world can be found in part on the poster, on July 21, of the film Kaamelott: First part. After ten years of waiting for fans and in terms of TV audiences at the time (3.5 million viewers on average, with peaks of 5 million), the first episode of the trilogy has everything a potential blockbuster . In the meantime, some family heads have disappeared, such as Simon Astier, absent from the cast (for a return, perhaps, in episode 2?), But others have been added to the already large list.

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