Kaamelott: are other secrets about Arthur to be expected? Alexandre Astier responds

With the confirmation of a Second Part for the Kaamelott saga and its filming in the spring of 2023, fans are wondering if Alexandre Astier still has any secrets to reveal about his main character, Arthur, and here is his answer.

It’s official, Kaamelott – First part will be followed by a Second part. Recently confirmed by Alexandre Astier, this second part will be a film divided into two parts broadcast in cinemas a few months apart. Filming should not start until spring 2023, but we already have a teaser offered by the creator of the saga himself.

In conference given at the time of the DVD/Blu-Ray release of his first feature film Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier was asked if he still had any secrets to reveal about the Cornish Boar alias Arthur Pendragon. On this point he was categorical and laconic:

Yes, absolutely. If I tell you which ones, they are no longer secrets. So let’s save ourselves from all that, since surprise is one of the greatest pleasures you can have in a movie theater…

The series showed Arthur as king of Brittany having the fortress of Kaamelott and gathered around him and a Round Table knights from all the surrounding countries. Together they set out to find the mysterious sacred object known as the Grail. Unfortunately, faced with the incompetence of some, the lack of understanding of others of what the Grail is and a deep depression of Arthur himself, the project did not succeed.

Kaamelott – First part sees the son of Uther Pendragon return to the kingdom of Logres after 10 years of exile and free the country from the yoke of the tyrant Lancelot. However, by refusing to kill his former minister of war, Arthur has once again antagonized the gods, who risk revenge in the future Second Part. Will this difficult situation make it possible to discover other parts of the past or the secret powers that Arthur possesses without his knowledge?

Answers (maybe) in 2024! Patience therefore, which as everyone knows is a dish that is eaten without sauce.

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