Kad Merad and Pierre Lottin


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Kad Merad and Pierre Lottin are showing in the film “Un triomphe”, in theaters on September 1, 2021. They gave us their cult films during the aufeminin cinema playlist interview.

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Changing the ending of “Titanic” so that Jack Dawson gets away with it, playing the rabbit in Roger Rabbit? Why not after all! In any case, that’s what Kad Merad and Pierre Lottin would have liked to be able to do when asked the question. During our Playlist cinema interview, the two actors confided in their favorite films, the opportunity to recall the theatrical release of their film “The Triumph” on September 1st.
Inspired by a true story and directed by Emmanuel Courcol, this film plunges us into the prison environment through the story of an actor in a bit of a galley who agrees to give theater lessons to inmates to make ends meet. . Against all expectations, the talent of his apprentice actors will encourage the actor to the point of wanting to put on a play with them on the stage of a real theater. A comedy in which mingles “solidarity, transmission”, “love” but above all “joy, laughter and beauty”.

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