Kader Loth: Reality star dreams of the Eurovision Song Contest

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Reality star dreams of Eurovision Song Contest

Kader Loth can look back on an impressive reality TV career.

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Kader Loth wants to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Diva” and thinks she has good chances.

Kader Loth (50) wants to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest and has already applied for the German preliminary round of the music competition. The reality star revealed this in a conversation with RTL. The 50-year-old celebrated her comeback as a singer a few weeks ago with her new song “Diva”. While recording the hit, she also came up with the idea of ​​participating in the ESC.

Loth approaches the competition with confidence

“Why shouldn’t I appear on the big stages with this?” asks Loth confidently. “I definitely wouldn’t place last or second to last.” On the contrary, the reality queen is convinced that she can keep up with former ESC winners. “What does a Conchita sausage have, for example, that I don’t have?!”

Whether she really makes it to the German preliminary round on ARD on February 16th will be decided in the next few weeks.

The TV star has tried his own music in the past

Loth hasn’t recorded new music in 13 years. In 2004 she released her first two songs “Everything you need” and “Magic X-Mas”. A few years later, “Senle Giderim” (2007) and “Du Schwein” (2010) followed.


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