Kaley Cuoco: Your dog Norman has died

Kaley Cuoco
Your dog Norman has died

Actress Kaley Cuoco has lost a long-time companion.

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Kaley Cuoco has to say goodbye. The death of her dog Norman filled her with a pain that she "would not have thought possible".

Kaley Cuoco (35) has to say goodbye to a long-time companion. Her dog Norman was "my whole world for 14 years," as the actress writes on Instagram. Now he's died. The "The Big Bang Theory" star feels an "earth-shaking, deep, heartbreaking pain that I never thought possible."

To say goodbye, Cuoco published two black and white pictures that she shows together with the four-legged friend. About the last moments together, she reveals: "Thank you for smiling at me when you left this world and for confirming once again that our language was only ours."