Kamala Harris: Anna Wintour explains the selection of photos for the "Vogue" cover

Kamala Harris
Anna Wintour explains the selection of photos for the "Vogue" cover

Anna Wintour (left) talks about Kamala Harris' authentic character.

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The new "Vogue" cover by Kamala Harris made waves. Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is now trying to smooth things over.

If the "Vogue" cover from Kamala Harris (56) receives criticism, it is up to editor-in-chief Anna Wintour (71) herself to take a stand. After the cover picture of the February issue with the upcoming Vice President of the United States of America was given more scorn than praise, Wintour now explained the background to the "New York Times".

The 71-year-old said: It was "absolutely not our intention" to "diminish in any way the significance of the incredible victory of the elected Vice-President". The criticism of the motive that it would not do justice to the country's soonest powerful woman was "heard and understood", asserted Wintour. According to her statement, the rather "informal" image was chosen because it underlines Harris' authentic character.

A picture without esprit and aesthetics

The cover of the February issue shows Kamala Harris in blazer and sneakers against a background of pink and green panels. She has clasped her hands and a friendly smile on her face. Several Twitter users criticized the picture as being too casual, it seemed spontaneous and shot without esprit, had no aesthetics. Quite different is a picture that only made it into the interior of the magazine. It shows Harris in a blue blazer against a yellow background, arms crossed in front of his body, in a strong, self-confident pose.