Kamala Harris: Criticism of the Vice-President-elect's "Vogue" cover

Kamala Harris
Criticism of the Vice President-elect's "Vogue" cover

Kamala Harris is sworn in as the new Vice President of the USA on January 20th.

Kamala Harris is sworn in as the new Vice President of the USA on January 20th.

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Is the "Vogue" cover with future Vice-President Kamala Harris "disrespectful"? There is more and more criticism of the magazine on the internet.

Kamala Harris (56), the upcoming Vice President under the 46th President-elect Joe Biden (78), greets from the cover of the February issue of "Vogue". How she does this, however, causes displeasure among her followers, who have since vehemently criticized the magazine's selection of images. The basic tenor: The photo does not even come close to doing justice to the historic moment of the first woman as Vice President of the United States of America.

Many Instagram and Twitter users cannot understand why the more serious photo of Harris in a blue blazer against a yellow background was not chosen, which instead ended up inside the magazine. On the other hand, it made an unflattering image on the cover of the print edition, to say the least, to say the least. Harris on it on a pink curtain on a green background, on her feet you can see simple trainers.

"It speaks volumes when someone's Wikipedia picture is better than the 'Vogue' cover photo," writes a Twitter user. Another explainswhy the cover failed in their eyes: "They haven't given any thought. Like homework that is done quickly in the morning. Disrespectful." The picture has no aesthetics and looks like it was shot spontaneously and without esprit. And the lighting, which made Harris look unnaturally pale, is also a disaster, some say.