Kanye West: He has already broken these records with his new album

Kanye West
He has already broken these records with his new album

Kanye West is riding the wave of success with his new album “Donda”.

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Kanye West’s new album “Donda” has been on the market since Sunday – and is already breaking all records on Apple Music and Spotify.

Kanye West (44) stepped back on the musical stage with a big bang. His new album “Donda”, which was released surprisingly on Sunday, is currently breaking all records on Spotify and Apple Music, as reported under other “Variety”.

After a musical break of two years but continued presence in the headlines – divorce from Kim Kardashian (40), ambitions for the office of US president, psychological problems – there is great interest in what the musician has conjured up again this time.

19 songs from the top 20 are by Kanye

“Donda”, the name of his late mother as well as the title of the partly rather gloomy new album, reached first place in the top album charts on Apple Music in 152 countries within 24 hours. According to Apple, “Donda” was streamed over 60 million times on its first full day of release in the US. In addition, the 27-song album with 19 songs dominates the Top 20 of Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 Global Songs Charts.

With these numbers, Kanye West is the most streamed artist in a day in 2021 – same goes for “Donda” as the most streamed album in a day. Spotify also announced that West broke the record for the most streamed album in 2021 with his latest work on the music platform.