Kanye West: His election campaign is already worth several million

Kanye West has already jumped around seven million dollars for its presidential campaign.

Rapper Kanye West (43, "Stronger") has pumped a lot of money into his election campaign for the US presidency. When his election campaign costs were disclosed to the US electoral commission, according to "Deadline" it was revealed that West had made around 6.8 million US dollars (5.74 million euros) available for the campaign. He was only able to collect $ 11,000 in donations.

Between July 15 and August 30, West has already spent $ 5.9 million. He invested the money in campaign experts and companies that should ensure that he lands on the ballot papers of the various states. He succeeded in doing this in ten states, including Colorado, Iowa, and Minnesota. In Arizona and Virginia he already failed with his project. Two weeks before the election, Kanye West will have to re-disclose its expenses. The rapper has no chance of winning the upcoming presidential election (November 3, 2020) because he is competing in too few states.

West announced at the beginning of July that he wanted to run for president. "We must now recognize America's promise by trusting God, uniting our vision and building our future. I am running for President of the United States," said his statement on Twitter.