Karine Ferri confides in her “departure on good terms…”


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As the next season of Dancing with the Stars prepares, Karine Ferri announced last June that she would not be part of the adventure. However, no animosity in sight with TF1 following his departure.

She will be the big absentee from the next season of Dance with the stars. A figure in the TF1 group for several years, Karine Ferri has several times been entrusted with the presentation of programs, such as The Voice Kids, The Voice with Nikos Aliagas, but also the famous dance competition of the Première Chaîne. However, while the return of the program is being prepared, with the announcement of the names of the dancers present, the new jurors, but also the stars who will be in the cast of this twelfth edition, the host announced last June that she wouldn’t come back in the debrief, after each prime. “It’s my decision”she then assured, cutting short any rumors about her departure, and specifying that “TF1 knew how to listen [ses] desires and respect [son] choice”. “I loved working on this program rich in emotions, twists and turns, with a great team”she assured on Instagram.

Provoking the disappointment of many viewers who were impatient to find her soon, Karine Ferri returned to this well-considered decision in the columns of Tele-Leisure. “Last season went very well and I had a lot of fun. It was a great challenge to be entrusted with the reins of the second part of the evening of this program that I particularly like. But I just want to do something elseshe explained, adding that he better leave on a good note.” However, let viewers be reassured: the host does not intend to hang up anytime soon, since leaving Dance with the stars go to him “allows to [se] free up time to devote to lots of new projects”. You have to know how to listen to your desiresshe confided.

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“We are all leaving on good terms”

When she announced her intention to no longer be adventure Dance with the stars, Karine Ferri also reaffirmed her desire to stay on TF1. Because between her and the chain, everything is fine. “They were very understanding. When you say you want something else, it’s better to let the person go. I had Camille Combal on the phone, he was also very kind to me. We leaves all on good terms and then, I won’t be far”she assured, while she will soon find The Voice Kids, the first bonus of which is scheduled for August 20. She will also continue the presentation of Criminal Chronicles. And to conclude: “Dancing with the stars is a real family.”

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