Karine Lacombe: why she thinks that the measures announced are not sufficient: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe, star of TV shows since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, is categorical. Guest on LCI’s plateau Sunday April 4, 2021 and referring to the new confinement that came into force on Saturday April 3, the head of the infectious diseases department at Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris is not convinced by these new measures. “Four weeks, it seems a bit short to have a fairly significant slowdown in the epidemic. I think it’s gonna be really fair “, she asserts.

At the start of the epidemic in 2020, she had made important revelations in C to you on France 5, in particular on the spread of the virus in the air. For her, in August 2020 and while the vaccine had not yet been found, the pandemic would still last “one and a half to two years”.

“In 6 to 8 weeks, we could see a little more clearly”

She remained more optimistic in an interview granted It in November 2020 on what awaited the population in 2021: the virus was not going to disappear, but be integrated into our lives. “We will eventually acquire collective immunity”, she asserted. She then criticized the government’s strategy for the fight against this virus on RTL on Friday February 26, 2021: “We have the impression that it’s backing up to jump better. The figures point in the direction of the increasing increase “

Sunday April 4, 2021 on LCI, Karine Lacombe thus remained skeptical about the new government measures, even if she welcomed the option of closing schools, colleges and high schools for three weeks, with a week of distance learning so as not to penalize schooling students. “It will completely depend on the impact of the braking measures”, she explained. “We will see, I think that it is the hope that everyone has, and it is also the individual responsibility of each one to apply the barrier measures. We must say to ourselves that we still have a few rather difficult weeks. , one must keep”.

“If the vaccination campaign really works, in 6 to 8 weeks, we could see it a little clearer, she concluded, before adding that “6 to 8 weeks is what it will take for us to lift the current measures” and find “a normal life”.

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