Karine takes a new step in “Don’t forget the words”, her companion is “delighted” to enjoy the trips: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Towards infinity and… A new milestone for Karine! Tuesday April 16, 2024, Karine triumphed on the set of Do not forget the lyrics. So much so that she jumped in 20th place in the ranking of the best maestros of the musical game orchestrated by Nagui. As a reminder, this parallel competition allows the 32 best candidates from the show to compete in a tournament. At this stage, Karine is certain to participate in the next edition. Enough to shake up the daily life of the speech therapist, who now has a prize pool of 231,000 euros. “My children are happy, even if the 2-year-old doesn’t really realize it. Every time she sees her mother on TV, it’s ‘Oh, it’s mom singing’ and then when I disappear, she don’t say anything anymore”, confided the candidate in the columns of Télé-Loisirs. For his part, his companion seems “delighted” to benefit from the advantages offered by production. Indeed, the couple intends to take advantage of the numerous rewards obtained by Karine.

10, 20, 30…40 victories?

At this stage of her journey, Karine can boast of having won a weekend in the Pyrénées-Orientales thanks to her 10th victory, a week on the French canals aboard a rental electric boat and without a license. occasion of his 20th victory and a week in Morocco since she exceeded the threshold of 30 participations. “As for my parents, they are proud and also a little surprised to see that I know so many songs”, added the mother from Toulon. In addition to the correct answers, you also have to manage the relationship with the host of the show, Nagui. On this subject, Karine seems won over. “I felt pretty good quickly. It was only the entrance song during which I was a little stressed, but Nagui put me directly at ease with his little questions and his jokes”, she confirmed. Good news for the host, “It’s exactly my kind of humor”, continued the candidate. It was by collecting anecdotes about the Maestro that Nagui allowed him to quickly gain sympathy among viewers!

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