Karl Lagerfeld: His life will be filmed as a mini-series

Karl Lagerfeld died in early 2019. Now the life of the extraordinary fashion designer is to be filmed as a mini-series.

On February 19, 2019, Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most influential fashion designers of our time, died. Now his life will soon find its way onto the screen. As stated in an announcement by the Berlin production form Ziegler Film, a miniseries about the designer is in the making. The focus of the story should be the intense friendship with Yves Saint Laurent (71), "which over the years turns into a professional and above all personal rivalry".

The emotional roller coaster ride in the relationship with his long-term partner Jacques de Bascher (1951-1989) will also be discussed. The series, for whose screenplay Alexander Rümelin (52, "Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding") is responsible, is therefore accompanied in an advisory capacity by companions from Lagerfeld's personal environment. A leading actor who will play Karl Lagerfeld is not yet known. Not even on which channel or on which streaming service it will celebrate its premiere.