Karl Lauterbach: He had to have an operation on his eye

Karl Lauterbach
He had to have an operation on his eye

Karl Lauterbach wants to be fit again in a week.

© imago images / Christian Spicker

That’s why it’s a little quieter on Karl Lauterbach’s Twitter account at the moment: He had to undergo an eye operation.

The SPD politician Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach (58) had to undergo eye surgery at short notice. He announced this himself on his Twitter account and thus also explained his unusual silence on the social medium. That is why he has not tweeted or canceled media appointments in the last few days and thus wants to prevent speculation about his person.

He will also shorten another week, but will continue to follow everything and occasionally comment on Twitter again. He hopes to be fit again in just over a week. He did not explain what kind of eye ailment he was suffering from. Lauterbach has been a welcome guest on numerous talk shows, especially since the corona pandemic, in order to classify developments. The health economist and epidemiologist has been a member of the Bundestag since 2005.