Karl Lauterbach: Health expert was vaccinated with AstraZeneca

Karl Lauterbach
Health professional was vaccinated with AstraZeneca

Karl Lauterbach has received his first dose of AstraZeneca

© imago images / Christian Spicker

Karl Lauterbach received his first vaccination. The SPD health expert was administered AstraZeneca in Leverkusen.

SPD politician and health expert Karl Lauterbach (58, “Healthy in the sick system: A guide”) not only helped and vaccinated people at the vaccination center in Leverkusen, he also received a vaccine against the coronavirus himself. As a sign that he believes in safety and efficacy, he was vaccinated there with the now discredited AstraZeneca. He announced this via Twitter and Instagram accounts and also published pictures of his vaccination.

In order to take people’s worries away, he writes: “Unfortunately, AstraZeneca vaccine is again in the headlines today. The truth is: It is a highly effective vaccine, serious side effects are very rare.” Together with his colleague Dr. Hübner, head of the Leverkusen vaccination center, he inoculated the drug – “of course I also took it.” Lauterbach should actually have been helping out at the Leverkusen vaccination center in February of this year, but at the time his assignment had to be canceled due to safety concerns.

Very rare cases of blood clots in the brain associated with vaccine vaccine recently raised concerns about AstraZeneca. Because complications and even deaths occurred in young people in particular, it is recommended in Germany that the vaccine only be injected into people over the age of 60.