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Comedian Patrick “Karpi” Karpiczenko and father of four and comedian Marco Rima have a lot in common. However, the two disagree on one issue: the corona measures.

Marco Rima was a role model for comedian Karpi from an early age. The comedians have a lot in common, not just humor. They are both fathers and work together with their partners. Christina Rima is her husband’s manager and director Natascha Beller works together with Karpi in front of and behind the camera.

The “elephant in the room”: Corona

But there is also an “elephant in the room” in the conversation between the two. A topic that divides minds and so does the two comedians: Corona policy. Marco Rima was a prominent Corona opponent. He repeatedly publicly criticized the pandemic measures introduced and also spoke out against them at a demonstration.

I’m not a virologist. I’m not a doctor. I’m not an epidemiologist.

This caused applause from very few and severe criticism from the public. Suddenly he “went from darling to bullshit” and received death threats. “The full program,” says the 59-year-old from Ticino. That’s when he started thinking about how it should be for the other side, for example for a Federal Councilor. He hadn’t given a thought to that before. Today he reflects: «I’m not a virologist. I’m not a doctor. I’m not an epidemiologist.”


Marco Rima at the Arosa Humor Festival in 2016.

Press photo Marco Rima

The death threats, perhaps one reason why Marco Rima no longer wants to do satire for the time being. In his current program “I don’t know…” he wants to focus more on comedy. In addition to the jokes, there is also a lot of music.

Marco Rima sings through the whole «Babytalk». He uses every opportunity to practice for his premiere, which is due in two weeks. There are 75 pages that he still has to memorize. It is the first time in three years that Rima is in front of an audience again. The 59-year-old admits: “I’m nervous too.”

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