Kaspersky updates its decryptor to counter one of the Conti ransomware variants

And one more ! The Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky has just updated its decryption tool Rakhni Decryptor, with new keys allowing to clear data scrambled by a variant of a ransomware related to the Conti criminal group.

If the company did not specify the name of the new ransomware countered by the decryptor, it would be according to the specialized press of MeowCorp.

Variants of Conti

“The malware variant whose keys were leaked was discovered by Kaspersky experts in December 2022,” the company said. “This strain has been used in numerous attacks against public companies and institutions. »

The MeowCorp ransomware, which is not mentioned by name on Rakhni Decryptor, had however already been observed in action as early as the end of August.

As the cybersecurity company recalls, the severe data leak that affected the Conti criminal group last year led to the appearance of numerous variants of this terrible ransomware, one of the most active in 2020. This hyperactive gang exploded in flight after positioning itself in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

257 victims

The ransomware declined from this leak and countered by Kaspersky would have claimed, according to the company, 257 victims in recent months. 14 of them would have paid a ransom, which potentially represents 243 organizations still having encrypted data in plan.

In addition to the decryption tools offered by Kaspersky, the No More Ransom initiative, which brings together the latter company, the publisher McAfee and the European police agency Europol, totals a total of 171 decryptors. One of the last published was related to the MegaCortex ransomware.

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