Katana Zero: Askiisoft’s action platformer DLC is revealed through 10 minutes of gameplay

Available since April 2019 on PC and Nintendo Switch as well as on Xbox One since October 2020, Katana Zero met with great commercial success despite a lifespan deemed too short by part of the public. In order to correct the situation, Askiisoft then announced that a free DLC was in preparation without further details on what it will bring to the basic game or on its release window.

Surprise, after almost more than three years of radio silence, this additional content has finally given its news through ten minutes of gameplay.

Still no release date on the horizon

In addition to chaining nervous gameplay sequences carried by an artistic direction in pixel art and a sound atmosphere always as pleasant for the eyes and the ears, this video featuring ” a small part “ of the first level of this DLC took the opportunity to share some enigmatic lines of dialogue regarding the scenario of which we know nothing at the moment.

While waiting to learn more, remember that the future additional content of Katana Zero will be released on an unknown date on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and maybe also on PlayStation 4 if we trust the ESRB, the American video game rating organization, which registered this version in March 2021. However, note that its existence has still not been made official, neither by Askiisoft nor by Devolver Digital.

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