Kate Merlan: She was separated from Benjamin before the “summer house”

Kate Merlan
She was already separated from Benjamin Boyce before the “summer house”

Kate Merlan and Benjamin Boyce

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Secret revealed! Kate Merlan now reveals that she and Benjamin Boyce had split up before they moved into “The Stars’ Summer House”.

Kate Merlan, 34, can currently be seen on “Temptation Island VIP” with her partner, soccer player Jakub Jarecki, 26. There they want to put their love to the test. Kate is already familiar with this: in 2019 she moved to “The Stars’ Summer House” with her boyfriend at the time, Benjamin Boyce, 53. This format is also considered to be a real endurance test for couples. But apparently there was actually nothing left to test, because now Kate reveals that she was separated from Benjamin before moving into the house.

Kate Merlan: “It was a disaster”

We remember: Kate and Benjamin quarreled almost permanently in the “Sommerhaus” 2019, Kate shed tears and questioned their relationship strongly. Shortly after the season was broadcast, they announced the split. Now it turns out: Your love-out already took place in front of the “summer house”.

“We got the ‘summer house’ request half a year before we got in. We also got an approval very quickly and then it took another six months before it started – and at that point we were actually more or less less separate than we are pure, “explains Kate in Désirée Nicks, 65, podcast” Lose Luder “. “Nobody knew that before. It’s a big secret. It was a disaster,” she continues.

Jakub Jarecki and Kate Merlan

Jakub Jarecki and Kate Merlan

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Why did Kate and Benjamin participate anyway?

Because of this, Kate and Benjamin had toyed with the idea of ​​canceling their participation. “Everyone will notice that we are not really one!” Thought Kate. But as we know, they ultimately started together with other current ex-couples such as Elena Miras, 29, and Mike Heiter, 29, as well as Johannes Haller, 33, and Yeliz Koc, 28.

“In the end, we only went in there because we signed the contract,” says Kate on the matter. They would have just wanted to “go through with it” – and the 34-year-old apparently still had a glimmer of hope at the time: “We said: If a miracle happens, maybe it connects us so strongly that we start all over. But that was very unlikely …”

Source used: “Lose Luder”


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