Kate Middleton: For the education of George, Charlotte and Louis, she copies…

If Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not really won the favor of the British, particularly since their return to the United Kingdom on the occasion of the funeral of Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Prince William continue to attract public sympathy. It must be said that at the slightest of their appearances, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge graze the irreproachable. And it’s exactly the same for their three children: George, 9 years old, Charlotte, 7 years old and Louis, 4 years old.

If the youngest acted up during the queen’s platinum jubilee by stealing the show from his great-grandmother, his elders are now aware of their status and the role they may have to play within of the monarchy. During the Sovereign’s funeral, George and Charlotte stood close to their parents, wise as images (or almost). This behavior is certainly the fruit of an intense work of Kate Middleton and Prince William but not only!

As Katie Nicholl reveals in her book The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown of which the DailyMail reveal the good leaves, Kate Middleton was inspired by another couple of the monarchy, more erased, but no less appreciated: Sophie de Wessex and Prince Edward. The latter are the parents of Louise, 18, and James, 12, Viscount Severn, the spitting image of Prince William.

If they are part of the monarchy, it is out of the question for Sophie and Edward to make Louise and Edward spoiled children without ever giving anything. Parents made a point of instilling in them the value of hard work. Young Louise therefore did not twiddle her thumbs all summer after the end of the school year. The Lady got a job in a garden center where she was paid 7.60 euros per hour, like ordinary mortals. A real example for Kate Middleton and Prince William who are therefore determined to do the same with George, Charlotte and Louis…

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