Kate Moss: In her first model photo, she was wearing curlers

Supermodel Kate Moss also started out small. Her first model photo – it had been rejected – now appeared in a gallery.

The first model photo of Kate Moss (46) now appeared in the London gallery "Zebra One". It was taken in 1990 for the British men's magazine "Esquire" – but the editors rejected the black and white portrait of the then 14-year-old Moss!

The picture shows the teen Moss in a skimpy, black dress in high heels and with curlers in her hair. She is sitting in a glamorously furnished bedroom at the dressing table and with a telephone receiver – at that time still an analog device – on the ear. The theme of the shoot was "The morning after the night before".

Even then, Kate exuded a cheeky coolness that was to become her trademark. Success was not long in coming. Although Kate Moss was significantly smaller than her competitors at 1.70 meters, she only got the Vogue title at the age of 19 – 42 more cover shoots have followed to date …