Kate Winslet chooses her foundation according to her cycle

In a recent interview with American magazine Allure, actress Kate Winslet unveiled a surprising beauty tip, but which ultimately makes sense when it comes to choosing your foundation. We tell you why it is a clever technique to copy to be sure of having a complexion at the top!

When it comes to selecting the right shade of foundation for their skin, everyone has their own technique: making a Swatch in the hollow of the wrist, in the neck or even on the cheek to decide between two shades, ask an expert in store for advice not to get the wrong skin tone, make your own mixture of two shades for obtain the shade that blends perfectly with your complexion … But when it comes to changing the color of foundation, we mainly tend to swap once a year its winter shade for a shade a little more sustained in summer , so that it allows us to unify our tanned skin incognito. Aside from this necessary change to have a suitable shade of foundation throughout the year, there are very few people who juggle between two shades of foundation on a daily basis for another reason.

Kate Winslet’s trick to ensuring a flawless complexion, whatever the time of her cycle

Kate Winslet, Oscar-winning actress and new international spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris, is not hearing things that way and recently unveiled a tip of her own to ensure a flawless complexion with the shade of her foundation. complexion, not throughout the year but throughout its menstrual cycle!

Depending on my cycle, my skin may be a bit more inflamed.

Interviewed via Zoom by Devon Abelman, journalist for the American magazine Pace, the British actress told her interlocutor how confinement allowed her to rediscover the pleasure of applying makeup and taking care of her skin, and she took the opportunity to tell him to use two shades of foundation to adapt the shade of its product to the changing needs of its skin according to the period of its cycle. Emphasizing in passing that she uses the Accord Parfait foundation from L’Oréal Paris and that she combines application with a brush and blending with the fingers to blend the material well into her skin, the muse has revealed here a surprising reflex, but which, however, has nothing absurd. Explanations.

The menstrual cycle regulates the state of our skin

Influenced by our fluctuating hormone levels, the skin can indeed be more sensitive at a certain point in the cycle. It is more precisely during menstruation that the skin is often drier and more sensitive than usual, but also more prone to inflammation and therefore redness.

An observation that the actress also made: “At the start of my cycle, my skin is much more even”, she explained during the exchange, before adding: “In the middle of my cycle, everything speeds up a bit, so I mix two tones.”
Using a second shade of foundation mixed with the first to make it more able to camouflage small redness is therefore a rather ingenious trick when you don’t have time to hide these color irregularities one by one with a green corrector. .

During the first week after your period, the skin may retain its sensitivity before strengthening due to the increased estrogen levels. Then, this level drops while those of progesterone and testosterone in turn increase, leading in the process to an increased production of sebum and its share of blackheads and pimples. The fall in progesterone levels that follows unfortunately does not help the situation and tends to favor the appearance of blemishes.

While camouflaging the condition of your skin with the right shade of foundation is undoubtedly a good idea, knowing how to adapt your beauty routine to the different times of the menstrual cycle is much more effective in displaying naturally beautiful skin.

How to take care of your skin according to your menstrual cycle?

During and just after your period, it is therefore preferable to avoid treatments that may irritate your skin more, such as abrasive scrubs, for example, and instead favor the application of soothing masks which will calm the inflammation. It is only once your estrogen level increases that it is time to exfoliate or take advantage of this lull to apply treatments that are a little less gentle on your skin. Once your skin becomes more oily on a daily basis, it can become useful to bet on a sebum-regulating cream which will, as its name suggests, regulate the production of sebum and mattify the complexion. Finally, with the drop in progesterone, local treatment to make pimples disappear as quickly as possible is generally welcome, as is a gentle exfoliation to prevent your pores from clogging.

Find out more about the care routine during the cycle on Beauté Test.

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