Kate Winslet soon to star in a new HBO series

Louise Bernard and Solene Delinger

After shining in “Mare of Easttown” in 2021, Kate Winslet will again be the star of a new series on HBO. The actress of “Titanic” will thus play in the adaptation of “Trust”, a novel by Hernan Diaz published recently. The novel tells the story of a wealthy financier who hires a ghostwriter to write his memoirs.

Kate Winslet continues her collaboration with HBO. The star of the series Mare of Easttownwhich was a hit on the American channel in 2021, will be showing a brand new series, Trust. It is based on Hernan Diaz’s bestseller, released in the spring of 2022.

The series is under development

The pitch? A rich financier asks a secretary to write his memoirs so that he can give his version of his life, falsely transcribed, according to him, in another book. But his “ghostwriter” realizes that he is completely rewriting his story and that of his wife.

Production has not yet started and the series is in development. No additional details were communicated, in particular concerning the role of Kate Winslet, who could slip into the skin of the secretary.

An Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for her role in Mare of Easttown

This isn’t the first time Kate Winslet has collaborated with HBO. It is even with this channel that the American star took his first steps in the world of series. In 2011, she played Mildred Pierce in the eponymous mini-series, with Guy Pearce and Evan Rachel Wood, for which she won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe.

Ten years later, in 2021, she donned the costume of Mare Sheehan, a police investigator from a small town in Pennsylvania, in Mare of Easttown. A role that allowed him to once again win the two statuettes won ten years earlier.

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