Kate Winslet: these criticisms on her physique which "destroyed" her self-confidence: Current Woman The MAG


Titanic is certainly the most striking film of his career. In 1998, Kate Winslet wowed audiences as Rose DeWitt Bukater, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. However, everything was not always rosy for the actress, after the release of the cinematic masterpiece that won no less than eleven Oscars. Indeed, the 45-year-old actress has suffered a lot of criticism about his physique, more particularly on its weight. This is what she confided in an interview with The Guardian and published on Sunday February 21, 2021. "People talked a lot about my weight during my twenties. And I was asked to comment on my own physique. After that, I got the label of someone cheeky and outspoken. No, I was just defending myself ", she hammered.

These grossophobic remarks have "destroy (her) confidence in (her)", lamented Kate Winslet in the columns of the British media. And to continue: “I didn't want to go to Hollywood, because I was like, 'My God, if they say that about me in England, what will happen when I'm there?' (…) And then, it altered my vision of the beautiful. I felt very lonely. For the simple reason that nothing can really prepare you for this. " It must be said that some sentences still resonate in Kate Winslet's head …

"If she had lost only 2 kilos, Leo could have stood on the raft"

The movie star notably remembers this spike launched by television host Joan Rivers, about one of the legendary scenes from James Cameron's film: "If she had lost just 2 pounds, Leo could have stood on the raft." A comment that deeply hurt her, and which is no exception. "The tabloid reporters were so critical and cruel it was almost laughable," she lamented before adding: "They commented on my height, estimated my weight, were posting about a supposed diet I was on. It was horrible and so upsetting to read that. " More than twenty-three years after the release of the film which quickly became a cultural phenomenon, Kate Winslet nevertheless continues to establish herself as one of the greatest actresses of her generation.

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