Kate Winslet: This film prepared you for the coronavirus pandemic

Kate Winslet wore a mask after the first reports of the coronavirus. "Contagion" prepared her for the pandemic.

Kate Winslet (44) prepared her role as a doctor in the film "Contagion" (2011) for the coronavirus pandemic. The actress said in an interview with "The Hollywood Reporter" that she knew early on about the necessary safety measures through Steven Soderbergh's (57) work about a deadly disease that spreads from Asia.

"People thought I was crazy because I wore a mask for weeks and went to the supermarket with it," and she also wore gloves and disinfected everything, Winslet recalls when the first reports about the coronavirus came out Wuhan gave. She was shooting in Philadelphia: "Then all of a sudden, on March 13th, people were like, 'Shit, where do I get one of these masks from?'"

Two friends fell ill with Covid-19

The actress, who starred alongside Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard and Laurence Fishburne in "Contagion", did not get sick, but some of her friends did get infected with the virus. "One was in L.A. and was very lucky to have a convalescent plasma test and was really, really good within 72 hours of treatment," said Winslet.

She also told of an acquaintance from London who fell ill, "he was in hospital for eleven weeks", but he did not feel better even after his discharge. He was "out of breath, lethargic and still very uncomfortable".


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