Kathy Griffin: She’s more afraid of addiction than cancer

Kathy Griffin
She is more afraid of addiction than cancer

Kathy Griffin doesn’t want to take prescription drugs.

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After a lung cancer operation, Kathy Griffin is now trying to concentrate on her recovery – without “devil pills”.

Just a few days ago, actress and comedian Kathy Griffin (60) announced on Instagram that she had to have half of her left lung removed due to cancer. Now she speaks up again.

Apparently Griffin has already had the operation: “To be honest, this cancer operation was a little more than I expected.” However, it appears to be burdened by a very different problem related to the surgery. Today is her first night without strong painkillers, explains the 60-year-old, who jokingly greets her “new best friend Paracetamol” in the next sentence.

Clean for more than a year

She no longer wants to take stronger painkillers. After more than a year without drugs and strong medication, she now knows “that I can do this and everything I want without these devil pills”. They are more afraid of drugs and addiction than they are of cancer. Therefore, she is sure that she will get through it.

“Yes, I have lung cancer even though I have never smoked”, Griffin explained earlier. The doctors are very optimistic because it is cancer in the first stage and is only limited to the left side of the lungs. She hopes that she will not need chemo or radiation after the operation and that she will be fit again within a month.