Katie Price: “shocked” after alleged attack

Katie Price
“Shocked” after a suspected attack

Katie Price has dealt with burglars before.

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Katie Price was allegedly the victim of a robbery in her own home. She was “shocked”.

Katie Price (43) is apparently the victim of a robbery and has the British newspaper “The Sun” now details of the deed disclosed. Accordingly, the model was hospitalized after the Essex police had previously been alerted on Monday morning (August 23) at 1:30 a.m. and called to her house. A man is said to be suspected of having committed the attack on the 43-year-old.

Price himself told “The Sun”: “I have a big bruise, my face is all swollen and I was hospitalized.” She still feels lightheaded and devastated. “I told the police that I was attacked and I was shocked that something like this could happen at all,” Price continued. The incident happened while she was sitting in front of the television.

Katie Price has been a victim of break-ins

As “The Sun” further reports, the arriving police officers found “a woman with facial injuries”: “A man was arrested a short time later and will remain in custody until further notice.” The investigation continues.

It wouldn’t be the first time burglars had troubled Katie Price. In July of last year, a group of men tried to break into the model’s villa, as she also confirmed “The Sun” at the time. The same game a month earlier. The perpetrators left the house in chaos.