katy perry shares a humorous postpartum selfie 5 days ago

/ Company / Company news / Katy Perry shares a humorous postpartum selfie 5 days after Daisy's birth

Although absent from the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, the star shone on social networks.

The American star gave birth to a baby Daisy on the night of August 26-27. Not content with giving life, she immediately released her latest album two days later!

Promoting her album from her hospital room, Katy Perry doesn't forget to keep it funny, as she shows by showing off this selfie of herself at the time of the MTV Video Music Awards.
Playing on the codes of social networks, she reveals the brand of her dress, her underwear … and credits "exhaustion" for her make up and her hairstyle.
The look is successful, we appreciate the naturalness and charm of the young mother!