Katy Perry: That’s why she doesn’t shave her legs anymore

Katy Perry
That’s why she no longer shaves her legs

Katy Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom have been parents to a young daughter since August 2020.


When Katy Perry is on stage, she is always perfectly styled. But why she no longer shaves her legs, she reveals in the US talent show “American Idol”.

Katy Perry is known for sharing the supposedly imperfect details of her life with her fans in an honest and self-deprecating way. Regardless of whether it is a look at her Spanx or a photo showing the singer expressing milk for her daughter Daisy – Katy is not hiding!

Katy Perry: Appearance elicits a confession

After the goose bumps appearance of one of the candidates on the US casting show “American Idol”, Katy now says that she has not shaved her legs for a long time. You can find out the background to this confession in the video.

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