Kayak VR: Mirage, a fourth photorealistic environment added ahead of release

Less than a month from the release of what seems to be shaping up to be a must have computer VRthe developers have just unveiled the fourth and final environment of Kayaking RV inspired by Costa Rica. The player will be able to navigate in clear waters, populated and bordered by idyllic beaches, themselves surrounded by a luxuriant jungle.

For those who don’t know this title yet, it’s a production we’ve been following since last year and for which we wrote a preview. Kayaking RV offers decors that are difficult to qualify other than by the adjective “magnificent”. The technique of photogrammetry and the photorealistic rendering are truly stunning. The player will be able to discover them through timed races (against the ghosts of other players), but it will also be possible to sail freely, quietly enjoy its sumptuous landscapes, admire the numerous fauna and even help a buoy to join the other. end of the route. The beauty of these sets is not the only strong point of this game. Indeed, the technical aspect in terms of “piloting” the boat and the haptic rendering of the manipulations are just as impressive!

This is indeed a point that has been worked on enormously on this title, to really give the player the impression that he is in contact with the elements: water first of all, but also the rocks on which he will have to s press if you get stuck on a ‘range’. It is also remarkable that the urge to reach out, to avoid hitting a rock, is difficult to repress, just like the urge to get off our boat to enjoy these clear waters!

KayakVR2 KayakVR4

To achieve this result, the developers opened a very early Discord in which many ideas were given, feedback from beta testers was heard (including ours), but they also worked with real kayakersto collect their feelings, their advice on the technical side of navigation, and it is clear that all this feedback has been put to work in this highly anticipated title.

Better Than Life is an independent studio composed of 3 people and based in Amsterdam. At the beginning of 2021, these 3 friends wanted to demonstrate that independent productions are not necessarily synonymous with low cost : “ Our goal was to challenge the idea that games VR independents cannot be beautiful or qualitative. » It seems that the result is up to the promises, but we will be more after testing the final version which will be released on Steam next July 12 with, for the first week, a discount of 15%.

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