Keanu Reeves: He was amazed at the comeback as a neo

Keanu Reeves
He was amazed at his comeback as a neo

Keanu Reeves is allowed to play Neo again.

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On December 23rd, Keanu Reeves returns to the big screen as a Neo. It was not clear to the actor that he could celebrate a comeback.

Keanu Reeves (57) has in an interview with Graham Norton (58) explains that he couldn’t believe his return as neo in “The Matrix Resurrections” at first. “When the director asked me what I think about making another Matrix film, I said, ‘What? That sounds great, but I’m dead,'” the actor explains his skepticism. “Is that really you? ‘she asked me and I pleaded:’ Tell it! ‘”Lana Wachowski (56) has written a beautiful story and” I love to play the character, “said Reeves.” And why I am alive, will everything explained. Hopefully people will enjoy it – it’s very exciting and it was an extraordinary experience making the film. “

Reeves will be back as Neo in “The Matrix Resurrections” on December 23rd. 18 years after “Matrix Revolutions”, Neo, Trinity and Co. are once again venturing into the illusory world that made film history in 1999. In order to free humanity from enslavement by machines, the chosen one Neo and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss, 54) gave their lives. Actually. Because Thomas A. Anderson alias Neo is surprisingly not only alive, but seems to have only dreamed what happened. “Am I crazy?” He doubts his sanity to his psychiatrist. At least until he follows the rabbit one more time.

That is why he rejected “Speed ​​2”

In the “Graham Norton Show”, Reeves spoke again when guest Jack Whitehall (33) asked why he was not part of “Speed ​​2”. “I loved playing Jack Tavern and working with Sandra Bullock – but a cruise ship?” Said the actor, critical of the means of transport, which is the focus of the sequel. “I had nothing against those involved, but at the time I had the feeling that it just wasn’t right.”


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