Keanu Reeves: He's been with his girlfriend for so long

US actress Jennifer Tilly (61) wonders about the hype surrounding Keanu Reeves (55, "Matrix") and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant (47). The 61-year-old is apparently a good friend of Grant and explained to "Page Six" that the two had been "for years". "A few years ago, it was about a year and a half ago," said Tilly, Grant told her that Keanu Reeves was her boyfriend.

Last November, the Hollywood star and the artist held hands at the "Lacma Art + Film" gala in Los Angeles and provided plenty to talk about. Tilly now told the New York Post celebrity site, "It's really amazing to me how everyone went nuts in the past five months after going to an event with him." Grant has attended many events with Reeves, the actress explains. It was suddenly clear that he had been with her for several years, she says of the astonished observers.

Grant is "very calm, very reserved"

Alexandra Grant, "a brilliant artist", is a perfect fit for Reeves, says her friend because the two are very similar: "I saw him at her last vernissage and he doesn't want to be in the limelight because he is also a very reserved one Guy is, and I think everyone went crazy because they are something like the perfect couple. " And Tilly added, "I think everyone wants something like that. It's not a fake Hollywood romance." The actress also said about Grant that the artist was a "cool, elegant woman – very calm, very reserved".