Keanu Reeves: is he positioning himself for a Marvel role?

Keanu Reeves
Is he positioning himself for a Marvel role?

Keanu Reeves raves about the Marvel universe.

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Keanu Reeves and Marvel – it hasn’t worked out yet. He would see it as an “honor” to become a superhero for the MCU.

Keanu Reeves (57) has made almost 70 films in his life to date. In contrast to numerous colleagues from the dream factory, he has so far been denied a role in the Marvel universe. It’s not because of the star’s lack of interest, as he has now revealed in an interview with “Esquire”. In fact, his words sound more like an application for the MCU.

When asked if there is a chance that he might join the Avengers and Co., Reeves replied, “I would be honored. They are great directors and visionaries. They do something that nobody has really done. In terms of things The scale, ambition and production make it special. It would be cool to be a part of it, “said Reeves.

Rumors have been around for years

Fans of Keanu Reeves and the Marvel Universe have long wanted the two to finally get together. Not only Reeves’ latest statements give hope for this. Rumors have been circulating for years that Marvel would love to win the star over to the superhero family. “We talk to him in almost every film we make”, Marvel boss Kevin Feige (48) is quoted in an interview – but that was already 2019.

Perhaps the right hero was simply not available yet. In any case, there would still be plenty of warriors whose costumes Reeves could slip into. Until then, from December 23, he will initially travel to the virtual world of illusion. Then, with “The Matrix Resurrections”, the fourth part of the film series will start in the cinemas.


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