Keep or even buy Ipsos turbo calls


Keep or even buy Ipsos turbo calls

Recommended for purchase on February 28, turbo calls without code expiry 441LS backed by Ipsos stock are currently gaining almost 15%.

The stock maintains a defensive profile in an uncertain global environment. The survey and polling company’s share price has eroded slightly over the past month but remains at very solid levels, little affected by the war in Ukraine.

We keep the products, betting on future good publications from the company. As a reminder, financial analysts from Société Générale are buying Ipsos shares and aiming for a target price of 53 euros. This represents a potential gain of 20% on the action.

Those who have not followed our first advice can still position themselves. The knock-out barrier of 33 euros is 25% away from the current level of the action. Quotation range: 1.28-1.30 euros.


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