Kelly Osbourne: This is behind your drastic weight loss

How did Kelly Osbourne manage to lose nearly 40 pounds? The musician helped with a stomach operation: "I'm proud of it!"

Kelly Osbourne (35, "Papa Don't Preach") is hardly recognizable. The daughter of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne (71, "Ordinary Man") has lost over 38 kilos, as she herself revealed. Her drastic weight loss is documented on Instagram. In the podcast "Hollywood Raw" with Dax Holt (38) and Adam Glyn (36), she said that she had had a stomach operation. A gastric band was placed "around two years ago".

"When I was fat I was invisible"

"I had an operation. I don't care what other people think of it. I did it and I'm proud of it! (…)", clarifies the 35-year-old. However, her procedure is not a gastric bypass. The gastric band merely changed the shape of her stomach. "It's the best I've ever done," she enthuses.

Despite the success with her, she also warns against such an intervention. "The kind of surgery I've had … if you're not exercising and eating properly, you will gain weight," said Osbourne. The OP would only steer you in the right direction: "Anyone who wants to do something like this should really think about it." The native British goes on to say that in preparation for the operation, she stopped drinking and had therapy for a year.

Since losing weight, she has seen many things differently. She has a downright grudge against Hollywood. "When I was fat, I was invisible. Nobody wanted to work with me, they didn't want anything to do with me," accuses Osbourne. Now she knows with whom she will work and with whom she will not. She saved that and won't forget who called her fat. "That is the best revenge."