Kendji Girac affair – The thesis of attempted suicide, voluntary or simulated, accepted: He regrets “extremely strongly”

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Olivier Janson, public prosecutor of Mont-de-Marsan, made it known at the end of his press conference this Thursday, April 25, 2024: the judicial investigation initiated for attempted intentional homicide in the Kendji Girac case is closed.

The possibility of a shooting carried out by a third party is ruled out, whether it is a person outside the camp, an attack or an altercation by a member of his family and more precisely with his partner. No element of the investigation goes in this direction and not only does no element go in this direction but those which were collected exclude the intervention of this third party intervention“, relayed Olivier Janson. As he stated a little earlier, taking up the testimony of Kendji Girac. The 27-year-old French singer, shot in the chest on the night of April 21 to 22 on a playground traveler in Biscarosse, explained that he wanted to simulate a suicide attempt after an argument with his partner Soraya Miranda, mother of his daughter Eva Alba. The latter, no longer able to bear seeing her partner alcoholic, an addiction that she has. revealed during his hearing as well as a possible addiction to cocaine, Kendji Girac told investigators that he had then seized a weapon sold by a stranger a few days earlier, and not bought on a street. flea market of Teste-de-Buch as he had first told it, before turning it against him The winner of. The Voice 2014 did not know the gun contained bullets.

The intervention of a third party definitively ruled out in the Kendji Girac affair

We therefore have a shot which was ultimately provoked voluntarily by Kendji Girac. The veracity of his explanations concerning the presence of bullets in the magazine and the fact that he was unaware of the presence of bullets, this verification will be made very difficult since he therefore indicates that this weapon would have been purchased by an unknown person who would have come to a Travelers camp in broad daylight, no one saw him, he left, no contact, this version will be quite difficult to verify“, continued the prosecutor of Mont-de-Marsan, also raising the subject of suicide which he characterized as taboo in the traveling community. “This version belongs to him and in my opinion it must be related to the taboo that I mentioned previously concerning suicides within the Traveler community. The judicial investigation, I have clarified, is not finished, but in my eyes it is not intended to go further on this question of the act, of the motivation for the act. since in the end neither a simulated suicide that accidentally goes wrong nor a real suicide attempt corresponds to a criminal offense. The legal proceedings could therefore come to an end very soon“, added Olivier Janson.

These conclusions were jointly announced to Kendji Girac, still hospitalized at the Pessac hospital center after his chest operation, and to his partner.

Kendji Girac “takes responsibility” for what he did

He (Kendji Girac) would like to thank everyone, I am thinking of the investigators in particular, for going beyond the initial lies, which, he says, are not his and I believe him but which are rather lies. group orderadded Olivier Janson. He indicates that his first version, he gave it in a few moments that he was in shock from the adrenaline of the first drugs which had been administered to him, painkillers… He was not really in possession of his means, that he had heard things about the camp before the arrival of the firefighters and that he gave this version without seeking harm, realizing in hindsight that this could give rise to doubt and potentially lead to seeking responsibilities or accusations among people who had nothing to do with it and I am thinking particularly of his partner.”

“He says he takes responsibility today for what he did while regretting it extremely deeply. He maintains that it was a simulated suicide which took place in a way he did not imagine. I told him of my reservations on this point mentioned. as I did for you, that the explanations now belong to him and that the judicial work stopped and that it was undoubtedly now up to him and his partner to find resources elsewhere to go beyond this event. He specifies that he regrets to all those who supported him during all these years and that he hopes to quickly see again that this event occurred“, concluded the Mont-de-Marsan prosecutor.

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