Kendji Girac says from when he will show his daughter

And the answer is … NEVER. Asked in the last number of Paris Match, the young dad expressed his firm and final decision concerning the media exposure of his daughter.

It was in 2014 that France discovered the winner of The Voice, a young man with a powerful and refreshing voice. Since this victory, Kendji Girac has released three albums, all of them successful. Very exposed in the media, he is currently one of the jurors of The Voice Kids and goes on various television sets. If this notoriety suits him, he does not want to extend it to the rest of his family, starting with his daughter, Eva Alba, born last January.

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While the young man is preparing to launch a major tour across France, he confided in the columns of the last Paris Match, released Thursday, June 10. “I understand that it’s intriguing, but we won’t see it. My job is my job. The rest is up to me ”, said the young man speaking of his little “princess”. He is not the only one to adopt such a position concerning his children. The singer Louane had also declared shortly after the birth of her daughter Esmée, in a live Instagram, “I chose this life, not her.”

Overwhelmed by notoriety

One of the elements which undoubtedly weighed in the balance for the interpreter of “Color Gitano”, probably remains the bad experience lived with his own parents, when he started to become famous. “It was not easy for my parents, tired of being recognized and photographed all the time. If I had to do it again, I don’t know if I would exhibit them again “, regrets Kendji, who admits not having realized the consequences of such an exposure at the time.

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Video by Clara Poudevigne

Anyway, one thing is certain, the young man is a fulfilled dad and describes his little Eva Alba as “wonderful”. Sometimes that’s all you need to know!

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