Kenza Braiga (“Loft Story”) victim of death threats and insults: Current Woman The MAG

Kenza Braiga joined the cast of the show Loft Story 20 years ago, in 2001. At the time, it was the very first reality TV program to be broadcast in France and the candidates had no idea of ​​the incredible notoriety that awaited them when they were released … Just like Loana, Steevy Boulay, Jean-Édouard Lipa , or Christophe and Julie, Kenza Braiga had a bad time at the end of the cult program from the 2000s. Kenza, who was only 23 when he entered the game, has bitter memories of this experience. But especially of the assembly carried out by the production: “My strong character has been misunderstood and interpreted. This sudden fame completely overtook me.”, she explained in an interview with Wednesday April 7, 2021 to Paris here. Loft fans have gone very far: “I received expressions of sympathy, but also insults and death threats and my mother was confronted with this verbal violence”, she unveiled before deploring: “This hatred was incomprehensible”.

Looking back, Kenza would have preferred never to participate in this game from which she had been eliminated on May 17, 2001 : “The price to pay for rebuilding is too high”, she explained. The young woman, who has always been passionate about the media, thought she could find a place in the world of the small screen thanks to her participation. “I imagined that this adventure was going to open the doors of radio for me. On the contrary! It put me in difficulty and I had to prove myself twice as much as another. I held on, because I ‘had rage “, she assured. And his efforts paid off. At 44, Kenza Braiga made her dream come true: the ex-reality TV candidate became a journalist and radio host.

Kenza Braiga’s opinion on Loana

Loana also suffered a lot from the aftermath Loft Story. She still has to fight against her demons, 20 years after the show. The reality TV star overdosed in February 2021. In very serious condition, she had to be hospitalized urgently. She accuses since her friend Sylvie Ortega Munos of having drugged her, and intends to file a complaint. “Loana’s problem is that she is still viscerally attached to the 20-year-old girl she once was,” Kenza Braiga estimated in the magazine’s columns: “We must stop comforting her in her misfortune. It is now that she must focus on her health and well-being if she is to get out of it.”

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