Kerstin Ott: Stars agree with the singer after angry speech

Kerstin Ott
Stars agree with the singer after angry speech

Singer Kerstin Ott defends herself against false reports.

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With her angry speech, Kerstin Ott seems to have addressed a topic that many other stars also know. She receives support.

Singer Kerstin Ott (38, "Because of you") is no longer silent. She resolutely expresses on Instagram how fed up with false reports about herself and her family. "I'm sick of it," she writes. "I'm tired of being attacked. I'm tired of my family being attacked. Everyone screams out loud when it comes to bullying. What's this?" She asks her 135,000 subscribers rhetorically. She is not alone in this attitude. Stars like Patrick Lindner (60) or Patricia Kelly (51) support the artist on social media.

"Let the people talk"

The 60-year-old "feeling is a rollercoaster" interpreter could "only agree with Ott", he writes. "Unfortunately, our dishes are terrible there and believe me, I know what I'm talking about." Lindner's advice: "Don't read it at all." He himself has "31 years of practice" in it and it works "even very well" for him. One hundred percent support, as expressed with smileys, is also given to Ott by Oli P. (42, "airplanes in the stomach") and TV presenter Matthias Killing (41). The latter agreed with the singer: "Very good, Kerstin. Word!"

Singer Patricia Kelly ("Love Found Me") seems to share Ott's opinion too. She also says under the anger posting by the 38-year-olds: "Right, Kerstin! I'm with you." Long-distance runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt-Gregor (40), who was on the "Let's Dance" floor with Ott in 2019, sees it similarly. "Exactly right my dear, how you react," is her comment. At the same time she reminds Ott: "Let the people talk, they have nothing better to do! You can be proud of everything and especially of your family."

"The lies must stop"

Ott has been married to his wife Karolina since 2017, and they raise two daughters together. The attitude of the 38-year-olds becomes more than clear in her post: "likes to judge my bad dance style on a TV show, likes to write about it when I have a blackout in live format or criticize every single song on my albums But stop fucking lying about my family. "