Keto diet: Laurence Boccolini and Amel Bent victims of a diet pill scam: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

"The Keto diet with capsules or whatever who uses my name to promote their stuff is fake fake fake. I don't know what it is and I have never used their products" rebelled Amel Bent on her Instagram story. During the day of April 6, she went on the hunt for usurpers by denouncing false accounts which use her identity to sell products or steal the bank details of her fans.

In 2018, Amel Bent had already confided on his weight through his Instagram account. She had taken the time to answer a customer who had asked her about her weight loss: "My first big weight loss was involuntary, since I was simply undernourished faced with a personal problem which drastically suppressed my appetite after my 1st pregnancy (-17kg in 4 months). Then I regained some weight (6–7kg), then lost everything again after my 2nd pregnancy " explained the artist.

No diet pills for Amel Bent, just a healthy diet without soda, bread, cheese or fast food. "It is not miraculous. I feel better, I have more fun with clothes, but I always stay a little complex. It takes time and perspective to be able to really accept yourself, round or not " had concluded the young mother

Appetite suppressant pills: identity theft to sell more

The singer is not the first celebrity to see her image used to sell "miracle pills ". Laurence Boccolini was also the victim of identity theft last year. Like Amel Bent, the host denounced a false advertisement on her Instagram account: "I'm used to: mockery, insults, criticism, words that kill, now fake photos to make me look like shrek. It's my life. "

On her post, Laurence Boccolini also added: "But let these bastards use my head, my body to scam poor victims. NO. Their accounts are debited for 200 euros for miracle capsules !!!. But in terms of health there is NO miracle, especially on the internet and with capsules promising to lose 30 pounds in 8 weeks! "

False posts, improbable requests, misleading advertisements … many people use social networks to scam fans of a star by pretending to be a star. Mistrust is therefore de rigueur on Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook.

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