Keunotor, the flagship pokemon of the fourth generation at the heart of a short film

Keunotor, the flagship pokemon of the fourth generation at the heart of a short film



Keunotor, the souridodous pokemon is one of the most emblematic creatures of the Sinnoh region due to its usefulness to the point of having a fan base dedicated to it. The Pokémon Company has understood this well and has decided on several occasions to highlight it as in this short film.

Keunotor also nicknamed the god Bidoof due to its usefulness as a CSslave in the games of the fourth generation has had the right to some highlights by The Pokémon Company. For example the twitter account was put in the colors of the latter for the day dedicated to him or a song that you can find on YouTube (not to mention an event on Pokémon GO).

A short film entirely dedicated to Keunotor

If we tell you about this, it’s because today a short film was released on Pokémon’s YouTube channels telling us the story of a clumsy Keunotor who wants to do well but who, in the end, creates more of problems than anything else. We therefore follow him in his quest to find his place. This special video was also made in connection with the Keunotor day.

What we can say is that this short film is quite nice and that it shows us another style of animation that The Pokémon Company and its collaborators can produce, here Taiko Studios for the animation. Finally, why not have a Keunotor themed game? Would that tempt you?

Short film “The rise of Keunotor”

In a few days, fans around the world will finally be able to get their hands on Pokémon Legends Arceus. In the meantime, communication around the RPG is accelerating and several trailers are published on the various Nintendo channels.

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