“Kevin – Alone at Home”: the original actor returns in the new edition

“Kevin home alone”
Original actor returns in the new edition

Devin Ratray starred in “Home Alone”.

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Disney + revealed with the first clip that an original star will return in the remake of “Home Alone”.

The comedy “Kevin – Alone at Home” from 1990 is now an absolute Christmas classic. Just in time for Christmas 2021, the new adventure comedy “Home Sweet Home Alone” will be available at Disney +. The streaming service and 20th Century Studios now have a first trailer released. It also announced a comeback of an original star.

The story of “Home Sweet Home Alone” is very similar to the original

His family leaves Max Mercer (Archie Yates, 12), the counterpart to young Kevin (Macaulay Culkin, 40), alone while they spend the holidays in Japan. A couple is aiming for an heirloom in the Mercer’s house – and Max now has to defend himself against the intruders. The first clip shows the boy using projectiles or a trampoline against the couple while his mother Carol (Aisling Bea, 37) tries to get home as soon as possible.

After 45 seconds, a special character appears in the trailer: Devin Ratray (44), who originally played Kevin’s brother Buzz, shows himself in a blue police uniform with the inscription McCallister, the family name of Kevin and Buzz. Apparently he wants to see that things are going well in the Mercer’s house. The fact that the harassing and nasty brother is now acting as a police officer provides a special twist.

Bad imitation of the classic?

Despite the return of an original star, the trailer has received mixed reactions so far. Some users see only a bad imitation of the original in the film and wonder whether a new edition of the classic is even necessary. Others say that the main thing to get used to is the fact that the “new Kevin” now speaks with a British accent. And Aisling Bea had to on Instagram even justify the fact that she embodies her role with an English rather than an Irish accent. The short answer from the actress: “The character is English, she comes from England.”

“Home Sweet Home Alone” will be available from November 12th. As early as the summer of 2019, it was announced that a corresponding project was planned. In 2020 there were media reports that Culkin is expected to be featured in a brief cameo. In addition to Yates and Bea, Ellie Kemper (41), Rob Delaney (44) and Chris Parnell (54) can be seen in other roles. Directed by Dan Mazer (50).


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